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Interesting TV Introduction Videos published on

Interesting TV Introduction Videos published on

Greetings Fun Seekers, Music Lover’s, Treasure Hunters, etc.,

I started an anthology of “Interesting TV Introduction Videos”.


Have much fun,


David E Ros,  Editor,  Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

October 8, 2013
Revised: 10-9-2013; 10-10-2013; 12-31-2013; 2-28-2016

1. “Wide World of Sports Intro 1978” published on with “The8thMotive”.


2. “1986 ABC Wide World of Sports Open” introduction theme published on with ”
Beta MAX”.


3. “Cops intro season 2” published on with “Jorgen H”.


4. “Spiderman theme song 1960s” published on with “battyguy”.


5. “The Dukes Of Hazzard TV Intro” published on with “The1970sChannel”.


6. “superman.theme 1950s tv” published on with “passthejointplease”.


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