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Welcome World-Wide Treasure Hunters,
Treasure hunting is a fun pastime for the complete family.
All can share in the efforts to go treasure hunting and rewards of discovery, travels, etc.
Quality research is recommended for best results by all the professionals in the Industry.
Researching/planning an excursion of a treasure story lead is considered of foremost importance and a vital part of “REAL” treasure hunting.
The purpose of this website is to give the casual Treasure Hunting visitors information in the form of posts, pages, indexes and links to off-sites, to enable you to meet a desired success! A desired success can be in the rewards of discovery, value or just plain fun in the outdoors, etc.
Proper quality research is really the key to succeeding in Treasure Hunting or any venture and/or activity.
Spend the time having fun researching, reading, examine maps, etc., is just as fun as the Treasure Hunting field trips and vacations.
So, I finally conclude that my journeys through life are really a treasure hunt to me.
Yes, Treasure Hunting is really my full-time activity or occupation and I try to enjoy every second of it all: living.
Whether it’s just going to the market to look for the best values and sale items or working for the goal and reward of financial business successes, IT’S ALL Treasure Hunting to me! YAHOO!
And some men and women search for human companion(s) of their dreams like a treasure hunt too.
Sure, there are ups and downs, but keeping your thoughts pointed to go through life living free with all your liberties is the best way to live.
Enjoy and happy treasure hunting,
Best Wishes,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

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Greetings everybody!
Many thanks to all the pleasant and favorable comments that are being left on this site! (
It really amazes me how many comments are left every day.
Keep the favorable comments posting, LOL, keeps me busy reviewing and approving the comments.
I now estimate about 25 new comments are submitted every day, Wow!
I continually updated the various webpages and I have added a new webpage title “What’s new at”, ( as a sub-directory under the “David, Webmaster and this website” webpage directory.
“What’s new at” keeps a running list of the latest improvements on since March 2, 2011, with the latest improvement listed at the top of the webpage. Note: Unfortunately, I don’t always quickly update “What’s new at” yet I try to get this done.
Keep the favorable comments posting, I get a favorable reaction to your kind remarks, many thanks!
And remember “Treasure is where you find the valued Treasure” and “Treasure is the value in eyes of the beholder!”
Best Wishes,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster
P.S. I removed over 6,000 pleasant comments to speed website loading times and ease republishing after maintenance down times. However, I still have those comment files in digital form elsewhere.

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David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster
P.S. I’ve added six videos including “Big Gold Nuggets and/or Gold Found” videos to this post’s webpage, just scroll down to view.

* 3.

Greetings everybody, hope you’re having a happy summertime!
Well, everybody probably heard the adage “Time is Money”, yet may have been perplexed by this quote?
Free time with legal liberties such as we have in the United States of America is very valuable.
The more time we have available to ourselves, the more we can carry out to find and own our personal treasures and goals.
I have personally witnessed this phenomenon to myself as I’ve had more free time to myself in the last ten years and I have accumulated many more personal belongings, achieved many more personal goals most of which I have long desired, etc. Much more than when I worked 8 to 10 hours/5 to 6 days a week. This all despite I have earned more money in those long workdays and weeks than my present wages. Yet, I hope I will earn more in the future with my expanded time.
However, don’t misquote me, as steady earnings are usually always required either way with much free time or with long workdays and weeks.
Bank it, “time is money!”
The longer you live a legal contiguous life while always refreshing your skills so to the least that we never forget what we can do and have learned in the past while, continuously expanding your horizons with more knowledge to meet your desires.
The more knowledge you have, the potentially better off you are, but “time” is the important building block to this all.
If having a lot of time and money “Greedy,” bad? NO! As long as you legally get your time and money, it’s all good and not greedy at all!
Greedy would be taking and/or stealing somebody else’s time, money, personal thoughts and/or possessions.
So, bank on it, TIME is the most valuable resource along with legal liberties for us to use.
So, don’t lose your legal status to use time and legal liberties to aid your life’s journeys, adventures, etc.
All the foregoing is the author’s legal opinion and not meant to stir you a wild direction.
The many rights that we have as a free people in the United States of America while maintaining our legal status include “freedom to exercise religion.”
Religion is not just a church doctrine that you follow but much more, it’s your personal philosophies, thoughts, desires, etc.
So be a leader of yourself and not a follower, build your personal philosophies that work for you to get what you want of your lifetime, all of which can build into your personal religion i.e., personal philosophies that you are free to exercise in your life when not otherwise ordered to uphold other standards such as when actively employed by somebody else and/or as we are ordered to obey many laws to stay free and legal in the U.S.A.
Happy days ahead to us all with much free time to ourselves,
Best Wishes,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

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Greetings fans, etc.,
Finally reposted all Lost Dutchman Mine Maps # 1 through # 62 that I have available. These Lost Dutchman Mine Maps have been cropped and resized to largest image size that is online at this time. Please note: The Lost Dutchman Mine is a popular famous treasure but digging/mining in now restricted in this federally designated Superstition Wilderness Area. Please do carefully research into the weather’s conditions and local laws/rules before venturing into Superstition Wilderness Area or related adjacent parks, reservations and private properties.
Best Wishes,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

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Greetings fans, etc.,
The most popular webpages on website are:

1. The “Lost Dutchman Mine Maps”.
I have an index webpage for quick access URL links to the 6-Lost Dutchman Mine Maps webpages each with an average of 10-Lost Dutchman Mine Maps however one webpage has 12-Lost Dutchman Mine Maps on it.
Here is the link to the “Lost Dutchman Mine Maps” index webpage:

Slide Show 1. Lost Dutchman Mine Maps index also has a worthwhile slide show of all Lost Dutchman Mine Maps that has the best clarity and has an open full screen option with pause slide show option

2. Here are the links to the “Ask Jeff Williams”, a must see Desert Gold Prospecting Video Series with 3-separate webpages:

“Ask Jeff Williams”, a must see Desert Gold Prospecting Video Series – Page 1 of 3

“Ask Jeff Williams”, a must see Desert Gold Prospecting Video Series – Page 2 of 3

“Ask Jeff Williams”, a must see Desert Gold Prospecting Video Series – Page 3 of 3

Best Wishes,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster
January 20, 2015
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1. “Eureka! Check Out This Huge Gold Nugget!” video published on with “KCRA News”

2. “Nevada Gold Nugget Prospecting – Huge Gold Nugget” video published on with “weightman7”

3. “World’s Biggest Golden Nugget – The Hand of Faith – World Record Largest Gold Nugget on Earth” a large gold nugget from California, USA video published on with “titaniumlabel”

4. “Biggest Single GOLD NUGGET Ever UNEARTHED on the Island || RECORD BREAKING!” video published on with “Golden Beard Media”

5. “Large SIlVER CACHE of Coins found LIVE !!!” video published on with “Jim Wall”

6. “How To Find Gold #2 – How to Pan For Gold” video published on with “HowToDrillAWell”



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